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Sunday, March 18, 2012

.congratulations dearest sis-in-law.

heartiest congratulations to dearest sister-in-law for tying the knot with Mr. Megat Mohd Hamzani (^_^) ... the niqah ceremony was on the 9th March 12 and it was recited by my father-in-law himself ... everything was very smooth and as planned ... Alhamdulillah ... thanks to all whom helped us family a lot during the niqah and the reception ... will update more on the event soon ... !

" I share in the joy of my families
While the air is filled with songs
To love, to love and a wedding
Blessed are the lives of families
I share in their smiles quite often
For their humour is a narcotic
It infiltrates almost every thought
Induces many a joyful memory
In an addictive fashion I realise
The excited talk and anticipation
To love, to love and a wedding
Is something private shared
An intimate union of two
Shared with those close and loved
The glasses raised in celebration
The smiles and the laughter
What joy it has been to share
In the joy of my family
Who sing of love and the song
To love, to love and a wedding "
Hanan & Hamzani

Thursday, February 23, 2012

.I will follow you.

i know the color yellow is kindda DIGI color (with theme song "I will follow you") but this kebaya is awesomely nice ! love the white lace patches on the yellow songket material ...

Monday, February 6, 2012

.orkid lah!.

I heart Orchids !

Saturday, January 14, 2012

.“There was a perception that life here was-I won't say gray, that's hard for me-but beige”.

Nude ? Beige ? Earthy ? i dunno ...

but i think this color is IN for 2012 wedding ... love the simplicity of the color that makes the bride even glowy and out-shine ... simple make-up with red lipstick would do her best ! check these dress out ... gorgeous, arent they ?

 Definitely LOVE her dress !

check out that shoe !
Louis Vuitton, eat ur heart out ! (^_^)
sweet ...

and i love this veil ... the heavy flowery detailed is indeed a great hand work !

owh my, can i just get marry again ?
 (with the same person of coz!)

- all pixies credit to Arma- 

.Nu Yah?!.

woopsiiee ! i know its late (14 days late?) to wish you gurls a Happy New Year now .. been busy with new job, new tasks , new department etc ... and plus, been busy with sis-in-law's wedding prep this coming March ! Oh-em-gee ... feels like am getting marry all over again ... arranging someone else's wedding is not easy ... sometimes we just have to admit that our ideas isnt as good as they thought as theirs ... so yeah , busy busy busy busy me !

aaaaaanyways, will be updating more after this tho ... (maybe)

new year's resolutions ? hurrrmmmm ... lil' one(s) perhaps ?

InsyaAllah ... Amin ...

well ladies, wishing you a very Happy New Year ...
May 2012 brings us prosper & good fortune ...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sunday, August 7, 2011

." Who says, who says you're not perfect Who says you're not worth it".

perfect dress, perfect shoes ! 

"I’m no beauty queen
I’m just beautiful me"

nice video, sweet song !


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