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Sunday, September 14, 2008

.bridal hair.

InsyaAllah my hair will be as long as before when my W-day comes ... i dun intend to cut my hair or even trim from this day forward as i want it to be long during my W-day ... yes, i dun even know yet when will my W-day going to be, but (like i said) i just want to be prepare for it .. there's nothing wrong in being prepared aite? and for my bridal hair, i just want it to be simple but yet again, elegante ! a touch of dramatic feel would be really really nice ... i want to look elegante with my own natural beauty ... no heavy head gears or what so ever that would make my head look even bigger or stuffy ... so, here are some that caught my eyes ...

love this low-coiffure with a simple hair accessory ... and not forgetting a long silky-vail would give more dramatic look to it ... nice ... hurmmmm .... ?

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