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Monday, September 15, 2008

.Tuanku Zara - The Royal Bride.

nikah is a holy solemnization moment for both the bride and groom ... it is where the two lovers are jointed for life and it is where the new phase of life for both begins .... it is also where the parents of the bride will let go every responsibilities towards the daughter to the groom ... as it is a holy moment, ive planned for my nikah, ill be wearing a purely white (or maybe a lil' bit of silver touch) wedding gown @ kebaya labuh on that night ...(yes, my nikah will be at night and in a holy mosque) ... the example of wedding gown that really opened my eyes is what Tuanku Zara wore during her solemnization with Raja Nazrin, Yang Mulia Raja Muda of Perak ... the white and silver of the kabaya labuh is so nice ... it is simple yet elegant ... it compliments the bride's softness and even it enhance her beauty naturally ... really really nice ...

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