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Monday, September 15, 2008

.wedding shoe.

There are so many different things that i have to worry about when it comes to wedding, however buying wedding shoes are often high on the list for many prospective brides, especially those who are like me, the perfectionist type. After all, i have spent all that time looking for the perfect dress; i need to do justice to the shoes as well! right?

When it comes to finding wedding shoes, we absolutely have to consider my dress as being the biggest factor. After all, the wedding shoes are going to have to go with the dress or the outfit will be entirely thrown off.

Complements Your Dress

Therefore, i need to first consider what type of dress i have chosen: is it romantic, classic, traditional, or more modern? Once i have figured this out, then i can really start looking for the proper wedding shoes.


i also have to think about how well i can walk in heels. If im not able to walk that well in them, then im going to make sure that i find wedding shoes that have either a very low heel or no heel at all. This is because the last thing that i want is for me to end up tripping or stumbling down the aisle on my big day.


Make sure that the wedding shoes fit my feet comfortably, i might even want to go up a half size, as when im stressed – which you surely will be when the wedding day finally comes – my feet could swell and i don’t want to find out the day of my wedding that my shoes are too small. ( ye ke? )Going with a slightly bigger shoe will prevent this, and so will be one less catastrophe that i will have to worry about on my special day.


i also want to make sure that i wont end up spending more than i want to on my shoes. Therefore, make sure that i take some time and effort and browse through different stores. This way, not only i can check out the different selections of shoes, but i can also find out which places have the best prices.

Just have to remember that i will take some time with a process such as this, because if i do, i will end up finding the perfect shoes - and it will have all been worth it. and as for me, i prefer a shoe that covers the front part of my feet ... i don't feel a peep-toe shoe is suitable for weddings anyways... and even sandals .... they look too casual for a wedding ... a covered-up shoe gives an elegant and formal look to the bride .... and of course a lil' bit of lacey details would gives a dramatic touch to the shoe ... and not forgetting a bit of diamonds and beads details would make the shoe look ever more expensive ...

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