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Monday, September 15, 2008

.a white lacey.

ive always wanted a white traditional-elegant wedding .. but am not sure whether white really looks good in a photo ... well, that one, i should get some advice from few photog la kot (kan?) ... and one more thing, am not sure whether i will look good in white ... i dont wanna look bloated or plumpy [eventho tak sedar diri mmg tembam kan ... ngeh !!!] , as white usually dont really goes well with "meaty" gurls ... kan ? ;P... what ever it is, i just wanna look beautiful, pretty and angelic on my W-day ... kindda angel came from the sky up above and walk the isle with the man of her dreams ... (perghh.. talking about berangan, sampai esok pun tak abis kan?) but, this white lacey bridal gown aka kebaya labuh designed by Man Kajang really really open my eyes ... the details, the lacey fabrics, the cuttings, the designs ... just the way ive always imagined ... check it out !

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