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Friday, October 24, 2008

.mehndi owh henna.

mehndi owh henna .. some might say that henna-art is kindda "tak boleh" in Islam eventho it's just an art ... im not sure 'bout it but ive asked 'round andeven dad said it is not even a sin to put on henna ... and plus, it is not a tattoo, that it will be there permanently... yerp, im thinking to get mehndi art for myself on my W-day, if my hubby allows me to get one lah ... a nice-flowery-simple one would be nice on my hands as i don't want my hand to look empty and plain during my W-day ... yerp, before mehdi were done, i should be getting myself a manicure first ! polish-up my finger nails and let it shine when hubby put on a ring on my finger .. aaaahhhh .. what a feeling ! so, here's a lil bit 'bout mehndi aka henna that ive found through the net ... and yes, oso some pixies that caught my eyes !

............... Mehndi is the Indian word for ‘henna’ but Mehndi actually came from the Middle East & was introduced by the Moguls to India & Bangladesh sometime around the 12th century. Mehndi is used for many important occasions, and these days just for fun but one of the most special occasions is a wedding.

A brides entire body will be painted the night before the wedding, this is known as Mehndi Raat or Mehndi Night.

As custom goes the bridegroom supplies his bride-to-be & female family members with the henna, and as he leaves his palms are dabbed with henna. The ladies spend many hours painting intricate designs.

Tradition says that the bride will not have to do any housework as long as her henna lasts, & she will usually have a maid to take care of the household chores, including bathing, at least for the first month.

Another tradition is that her husbands initials will be hidden within the designs & on the wedding night the new husband has to find the initials. If he finds them it is believed that he will be the dominant partner if not then his bride will rule the roost.

The art of Mehndi can take hours, even days, a bride may have to stay still for five to ten hours, maybe more! this requires great patience..............

Can i have this mehndi art ??? nice, huh ??? just the way i love it !!

Mehndi, CHECKED !!!

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