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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

.white roses with silvers.

here's another set of hantaran that caught my eyes from Nuwoo Gifts Ideas and i must say that their creativity is just amazing !! the collaborations between the silver-wear/pewter is just superbly done ... and i just love it ! suitable for the solemnizations ceremony and yes, ususally in Malay traditional wedding, all the hantaran are presented during the solemnizations day itself by both sides. and here's the hantaran set that just take my breath away .... :)

noticed the ring holder in picca number two?? haaaa... that ring holder will be mine on my W-day !!! it will cost me RM300 just for that ring holder ... i kid u not !! but its worth the purchase as it is effin' gorgeous !!! sgt sgt lawa !!! suka sangat !!!

Ring-holder, checked !!!!

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