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Monday, November 24, 2008

.a marriage.....

made in heaven - or hell ....
there's a natural magic that just flows in positive, healthy relationship, and it cant be faked. do you and your man have it ? here are the key qualities that help predict whether a bride and groom are bound for bliss or divorce court no matter when they say i do.

you talk freely

you're going to spend a lifetime with this person, you'd better be sure you're comfortable having both deep and dorky discussions. too much of one kind or the other and your banter becomes boring. you should talk with each other, not just to each other, sharing ideas as well as trivial information about your day. your rapport is a sign that you're on the right romance track.

you touch all the time
even unhappy couples can have amazing sex, but the truly blissful ones have an emotional bond beyond the sheets thats revealed in the way they physically interact in a day-to-day way. no matter how many years you've been married, people who have good relationships like to touch each other in intimate yet nonsexual ways. but holding hands, touching arms when you talk, or patting each other on the butt in and out of the bedroom - you're sure to develop a connection that could add years to your love life.

you're both grown-ups

you should never marry until both of you have taken time to figure out who you are and what you want from life. you'll never have all the answers, but making the effort means you're well within the world of adulthood. only then can you focus on the goals of your marriage without waffling all over the place like a little kid.

you really are bestfriends

long haul lovers treat each other with serious respect even when they disagree. when you're arguing your point of view, it should never leave your mind that this person is your bestfriend. that way, you still treat him right, even if you think he's wrong. being best buds doesn't mean it'll all be smooth sailing, but by respecting each other's opinion, you won't capsize when wedded waters get rough.

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