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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


it will be all white (with a lil' bit of pinkish touch) during my solemnization ceremony ... it will be all holy and pure and clean .. and i want to look all angelic and pure during my solemnization nite ... and yes, i want my hubby to be in stunt and shock when he look at me ... in amazed and excited to have me as his lawful wedded wife ... i was amazed and fell in love with Rizalman's design for nikah ceremony white outfit and it seems like fluffy-ruffled sleeves are in-trend nowadays and not bad at all ... ill be keeping in mind to have those sleeves for my solemnization outfit ... and yes, the fabric will be chiffon or french-lace ... its either two or maybe a mix of both .. hurmmm .. not bad eyh ?? and that Kurung-Pahang is not bad either ... hurmmm ... or maybe ill just choose the one that will make me look slimmer and slender ? yes , definitely !!

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