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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

.white wedding.

some might say that a white wedding would make the ambiance dull and less colorful .. and some might even say that a white wedding wont make the bride & groom out-stand and the wedding pixies wont be as attractive as other theme color wedding ... is it true ? im not so sure .. depends on the couple and on the decorations i must say ... and when i saw this pix ive got from a friend, i was speechless .. [taken from a wedding arrangements for Tan Sri Aziz Taha and Puan Sri Asiah] ... a white wedding isn't tad bad at all !! and in fact i kindda love it ! it gives the freshness and the holiness of the ceremony ... they use three types of flowers for the reception ; white roses,Philinopsis and white orchid.... nice eyh ?? really really nice !!

Event: Wedding

Venue: Mandarin Oriental HOtel KUala LUmpur
Date:19 JUly 2008
Event COmpany: Floral Etc by MR. Razak

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