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Sunday, January 3, 2010

.Each family has moments, Moments of happiness and emotion. Moments that show love and kindness.To each member of the family.

rosette for families ... a simple and small goldish-cream satin ribon made into two roses each ... glued with gold string ... just love it !.. who wanna pin humongous rosette on their dress kan ?? bought 'em at Nilai 3 with cheap price and good bargain .. yerp, with discounts too .. ! just what ive wanted and thanked God ive found 'em ... so, rosette checked !!! *grins*

owh, i hafta glue safety pin by myself as they were sold pin-less ...
and for dad, mum, sis Liana & BIL Faizal, i bought a slightly bigger rosette ... again, its in creamish gold with lil' beads centre ... janji simple but nice and tak segedabak besar utk disemat didada .... kan ?
Family moments may show happiness,
Happiness that lights up the earth.
Family Moments are amazing,
So don't forget your...
Family Moments.
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