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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

.its winter with red roses.

i was amazed when i saw one of my school batch-mate (Rasyidah) wedding reception (held in Dewan Seri ENdon, Putrajaya) photos in her facebook and i must say her reception sgt sgt sgt SANGAT cantik !!! just like what ive been dreamt of for my own wedding reception ... just perfect (well, almost perfect kot ...) !!! from carpets to chandalier, from the isle to the pelamin, from the dishes to the dcorations, from the make-up to the wedding dress ... semua CANTIK belaka ... gorgeous !!! kudos to the wedding planner, the designer, the caterer ... Syidah, am so happy for you ... her wedding dress (long kebaya) was from Malaysia's very own famous designer, Radzwan Radzwill .. nice long white kebaya with beads and red rosesdetails ...the rare design just gave the classic look to the dress and surely made the bride look more glamorous and shine ... am not sure about the wedding planner but am sure they're one hellova professional team !!! the pelamin looks so royalty white !! ... owh, looks like its for the royal couple from antartika ... eheheheh .... freshly cold !! not forgetting the ice carved placed both sides of the pelamin ... simply nice !!! jarang org buat mcm tuh kan ??

Rasyidah was a libririan back in primary school and she's such a gentle-soft hearted creature ... i mean, dia sgt SANGAT lemah lembut .. her soft spoken attitude really driven most guys crazy ... am not really close to her but we're friends back then ...

well Syidah, congrats and gud luck melayari bahtera bahagia with ur beloved hubby ... really glad to keep in touch with you back after years of lost-contact ...


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