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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

.wedding checklist.

something to share about wedding's preparations .... need to know more, click HERE !
  • buy the wedding rings
  • plan the honeymoon; if possible, book it
  • if you need them hire a caterer; a florist, photographer, band or DJ
  • discus who will change their name after the wedding or about a prenuptial agreement (if you want one)

3-4 months before the wedding:

  • address all wedding invitations and announcements
  • arrange transport and accommodation for out-of -town guests
  • consult with your hair stylist about your wedding day hairstyle. Book appointment for a trial run.
  • give your wedding announcement to the local newspaper
  • order the wedding cake
  • start buying the gifts for bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, usher, flower girl, ring bear
  • recheck all the arrangement made for the ceremony and reception sites

1-2 months before the wedding:

  • make sure you have all your papers in order (birth certificates, driving licenses and passports)
  • reserve a hotel room for your wedding night (make sure to give all the right indication: Champaign, flowers etc)
  • talk about the final detail to the florist, photographer, videographer, DJ or band
  • double check all the details regarding your honeymoon booking
  • recheck the guest list and be sure no one is forgotten
  • book a manicure/pedicure for the 1-2 days before your wedding
  • book a make up stylist and do a run trial
  • check with the local authorities what papers are required for a marriage license
  • ask also what are the formalities to change your name after the wedding

2-3 weeks before the wedding:

  • write thank you notes for the gifts that you have already received
  • write the placement cards
  • talk to the caterer about the final number of the guests
  • finalize the details regarding the ceremony and the reception
  • finalize the buying regarding bride and groom's attire
  • be sure you have bought gifts for everybody on your gifts' list
  • make the final trial run for the dress; wear the proper shoes and lingerie to be absolutely certain that it fits you perfectly and no modifications are needed
  • write thank you notes to the hostess of your shower party
  • name the person that will deliver the wedding toast
  • reconfirm wedding day transportation
  • pick up your marriage license
  • continue to send thank you notes for the gifts that are coming

1 week before the wedding:

  • pack for your honeymoon
  • attend bridesmaids/bachelors party
  • double check everything on your wedding organizer
  • spend an evening with your family
  • make sure that all out of town guests have transportation and accommodation
  • the day before just relax, put some distance between you and whole chaos; have a long bath, a massage and go to bed early

After you have organized everything so carefully, all you have to do now is to enjoy your wedding day.

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