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Friday, May 22, 2009

.bride's maid to be.

bride's maid also one of the important person during wedding reception ... she's the one who will stand besides u all the time, keeping u calm, keeping ur make-up goes perfect all day, keeping ur dress all safe so that u won't be trembling down on ur special day, making u smile for every photos etc ... yes, a bride's maid is a side-kick to the bride ... or maybe more like a sister to the bride .. thats why, a brides maid should be the one who knows the bride well ... someone whom close to the bride ... it is not advisable to ask ur relatives to be ur bride's maid tho ... why? bcoz ur relatives should be doing the guest-greeting thingey during ur reception... am i right ? and for that, this two gurls are my best candidates for my soon to be bride's maid ...

my pet-sis / ex-college mate: Zarina
my twin name sister: Nurulshahida (Uyun)

hurmmm ... which one do u think suites me best ? well, ill think 'bout it when the time are gettin' closer ... for sure, ill be sponsoring the outfit for bride's maid ... BUT maybe kain saja , pastuh tempat sendiri ...ehehheheh :P we'll see how ....

sis Zarina or sis Uyun ?

1 comment:

Rina277 said...

i vote for UYUN..UYUN..UYUN...tp dgn syarat soh dia pakai pakaian yg sama mcm dlm gmbr tu k..


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