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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

.favors for honorable guest.

my choice of favors to our guest .... yerp, a tasbih in box with surah Yasin perhaps ... and for those non-muslims, i prefer a silk hand-fan in box, decorative-carved candle or various flavors chocolates ... hurmmm ... nice or not huh ?? well, we'll see how it goes and how much my budget would be ... *grins*

http://baytiliving.blogspot.comsilky hand-fan in boxHugs and Kisses bandage from Mr. and Mrs.

decorative carved candles crystal's key-chainchocolates in box_____________________________________________________________


Rina277 said...

tu klu nk bagi honorable guest..yg hororable guest mcm aku n uyun ko nk bagi apo plak..hahahaaaaa...

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