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Friday, July 31, 2009

."booking" day prep.

"No sooner met but they looked;
no sooner looked but they loved;
no sooner loved but they sighed;
no sooner sighed but they asked one another the reason;
no sooner knew the reason but they sought the remedy;
and in these degrees have they made a pair of stairs to marriage"

wahhh !! am feelin' like screamin' on top of my lungs !! now i can feel the jigs of being booked by someone i love ... nervous? stress? broke-to-be? duhhh ! things to think, things to search, things to purchase, things to organize, things to plan ... didn't know that getting engage is this hard !! since my sis didn't undergone any booking ceremony, i never experienced any of engagement moments ... how eh ?? well, maybe we plan things to soon ... i mean, everything seems to be such a sudden ... insyaAllah, in two months time, ill be booked ! geezzz... so, now i hafta think about gifts [hantaran] for the ceremony and yes, also the catering, khemah and the mini-pelamin .... here goes :

1. Mini Pelamin - called, asked for their quotations and insyaAllah confirmed ill be hiring 'em ... and my mini merisik-engagement pelamin will be like this (with a lil' different in colours, flowers arrangements and furniture will be added) :-
(cost : RM 700)

2. gifts aka hantaran -

from her :

- Fruits : a mixture of grapes, dragon fruits, apples, peaches, strawberries, blackberries and kiwis
- Solemnization attire : a set of white satin-silky clothes with silver-bluish sampin, a crystal-studded baju melayu button and songkok.

- An engagement cupcakes : Choffles perhaps ? :)
- Chocolates : Patchi? ... *thinking*
- Pot-pourries : a simple beige or pinkish pot-pourri set ...
- Pulut Kuning : a home-made by mom pulut kuning served with chicken rendang perhaps ?? hurmmmm ...

(cost: RM2000)

from him :

- Solemnization attire : a silver-embroidered french-lace with white-lining clothes with silver-plated brooch ...
- An engagement ring : will survey and purchase it with hubby dear soon ... *grins*
- Fruits : a mixture of fruits from hubby's side ..

3. Catering + khemah - will call and discuss with Abang Jai (my cousin) for Simfoni Catering's cater service ...


- white rice
- daging salai masak lemak cili api /fish head curry

- spicy deep-fried chicken / black pepper barbequed chicken
- tempe goreng
- roti jala served with chicken curry
- satay served with nutty-sauce, cucumber, onions and cubed-rice.
- ulam-ulaman
- fruit slices

- tapai
- orange juice

(cost: RM8/pax + RM1000 for khemah)

4. Photog -
maybe ill just hire my cuzzy for my merisik+booking day lah ... but for my "big" day, ill hire this photog !! lurve his artwork and his editing skills are superb !! :)

(cost: RM400 or less??)

Cost for my "booking day" : [hope to be] not more than RM8,000
[need to save-up for my Big "W" Day lah ...]


p/s: hope everything will go as planned ... insyaALlah .. *amin*

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