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Monday, July 27, 2009

.on henna tips.

this is just an entry to share what ive found via browsing the net one whole day at the office [ye, aku tadak kerja and sangap nak mati !!!] ... yerp, its 'bout how to make your henna easily apply to your skin and how to make the colour even more shinier, brighter and lovely ... here goes :

1. Make sure to drink a lot of water at least 2 weeks before applying inai. This is to keep the skin moist and easy to apply the henna.

2. Make sure to take a bath first before applying henna.

3. Get ready with a small water spray containing lime and sugar. After finish applying henna, every 5 mins or when the henna feels dry, spray the water to the henna. Repeat applying and spraying for maybe 5-6 hours. depends how long u can stand and stay still. :)
4. After 5-6 hours, scrape off the henna dan lumurkan a few drop of minyak cap kapak to the henna. Minyak cap kapak have this one ingredient that can make the henna's colour stays longer.

5. one more .... dont forget to have ur nails manicure and pedicure first before u put-on t
he henna. it will make ur henna even more shinier and lovely ... do not get menicure and pedicure after u apply the henna. it will spoil the henna's colour and texture ...

gud luck gurls !! cant wait to have mine tho !!

p/s: ive chosen these designs for my henna ... cantik tak ???for moi handsfor moi feet

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