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Friday, July 24, 2009

.a simple mini "pelamin" for engagement.

after the meet-up this Sunday, 26th July 2009, my relationship with Hubby Dear will be getting more serious than before and the first step of our lives as one happy couple will be fast forwarded ... yerp, its time to start thinking and planning 'bout our "W" day SERIOUSLY !... but before that, all i need [we actually] to think of is 'bout our engagement day .. yerp, our merisik + engagement day scheduled to be in October '09 ... it will be held in one ceremony, at my parent's house ... yerp, two in one ... just to make all things easy for everyone and cost effective, as we're going to get marry within few months after the engagement day ... ive bought three french laces with linings during my work-trip to Jakarta last week and all i need is hubby's approval on which colour he wanted me to wear during the day ... ive bought pink+beige , bronze+brown and bluish grey+beige french laces to be picked for my engagement day ... and after, im gonna hire someone to do my mini pelamin ...weeheeee !!! here're what caught my eyes while am browsing 'round the net ... nice kan ??

above 'em all, i think ill go for these two, by Zaifie Zainal Creation ... nice+simple+sweet ... suitable for me and hubby yg mmg nak simple je [but elegant] ... but i think the one below is more sweeter than the upper ones ... kan ?? i think ive made my decisions kot ... after the date [for merisik and engagement] is confirmed, i gotta make a call for their quotations and designs ... huhuhuhu ... nice~~~~~!
Zaifie Zainal
016 2199023 / 016 2099023

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