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Friday, August 28, 2009

.I met you on your journey seemingly by chance, I thought the draw was physical, perhaps it was romance?.

i have a different unique taste for my own bantal nikah .. yerp .. people usually tell me to just rent my bantal nikah utk elakkan sakit kepala etc ... owh well, ive browsed 'round [of course with bee] for our bantal nikah BUT NON of 'em memenuhi citarasa saya [yang sangat high taste-bak kata papa] .. owh what the heck, i just want my day will be perfect for me and hubby .. nice-unique-beautiful-comfortable bantal nikah for our solemnization day wouldnt hurt that much aite ??? seems like what we've found so far sgt mendukacitakan ... i mean, the bantal was nipis, kaler masya-Allah mcm "kelly-Ng", rental price was tad expensive [RM50/pillow???] and if i wanna buy my own pillow, it will cost me around rm200 for two pillows ... [owh, thats ridiculuous !!! dah la tak cantik !!] so, as conclusion, ill be sewing my own nikah pillow !! believe it or not y'all !! i am willing to do so ~!!! so, ill start sewing my own bantal nikah soon !! bahan2x dah beli sikit2x and i am thrilled to give it a start ~ pixies here are example of bantal nikah that i might use to get some ideas for my own bantal nikah .... *grins*

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