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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

.Now that we crown Her as our Queen May love keep all her pathways green, May sunlight bless her days.

Alhamdulillah .. another prep for my wedding reception has been booked dgn jayanya ... yerp, its my pelamin (dias) for the day ... at first, i have one small budget for my pelamin... but, with some words and cosultancies from the pelamin consultant, ive just add up my pelamin budget ... O.M.G !!! okey, okey ... take a deep breath ... (fusssssss....) i wont be telling u guys whats my budget, but for sure it is now wayyyyyyy higher than my budget before this ... xper la kot ... i mean, its not that i cant afford to pay for the amount cost, its just that, i dun wanna spent too much for the pelamin itself ... but since our pelamin consultant promised to give us the best they could, i am willing to pay more ... yes, more than my previous budget ... the theme colour will be in off-white+gold with a lil' bit of tradition elements as our reception's dress will be tailored made in Indonesian with Indonesian traditions elements ... so, yes ... its a mixture of traditional and modern reception i must say ... (ye kot .. eheheheh ..) i dun mind at all , as long as the reception will look nice and elegant as ive wanted it to be ... InsyaAllah .. and yes, hopefully papa will agree with me on this lah .. ngeeeeeeeeee~!! if not, the money will flow from my pocket lah !!! huhuhuhu ... [please papa , pleaseeeee.... :P]

apapun , thanks hubby dear for accompany me to meet Arma and Adib at their house today and support me in making decisions just now ... and yes, i really love our pelamin design !!! talking about le' grande huh ??? i just can't wait !!! wanna know how our pelamin will look like ?? well, lebih kurang a mixture of both pelamin below ... tapi lain sikit la dr segi designs and colour .... owh yes, our pelamin will be besar !! huge !! sebab stage hall sgt besar ... *pengsan*.. owh well, tgk sendiri lah nanti after our reception next year ... eheheheh ... *suka*

nice tak ?? love the sofa .... and the back-drop panel deco ...

*happy bunny*

*note (for reception)

Reception Hall
Tables + Chairs deco
Reception dress
Entertainment (Dancers)

Guest Favors (still in discussion)
VIP guest favors (still in discussion)
Invitation Card (waiting for quotation)
Bunga Pahar (still survey for the right one)

wahhhhh !! cepat nyer ....
tinggal sikit je ag benda yg nak kena fikir ... *smile*

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