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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

.Reception hall booked!.

Recognize where pix above were taken ?? well, i won't be telling u guys lah ... it's a surprise ! :)

Alhamdulillah .... my reception will be held at one hall that ive been dreaming of ... big, nice, lovely, comfortable and grand !! ... yesterday me and mom went to their office to ask about their quotations, their packages and their offers ... and yes, ive booked the hall for my wedding reception !! yeay ~ they will be handling catering, hall decorations, tables/chairs decorations, red carpets, thirtier wedding cake, meja makan pengantin, VVIP/VIP tables .. the price ??? errrr... quite pricy but worth every penny of it ... :P apapun, i am so very happy !!!

for now, i have to think about:

- pelamin
- photog
- hantaran
- videographer
- wedding dresses
- make-up
- pengapit
- reception emcees
- guest favors
- invitation cards

hurrmmm... what else eh ? did i miss anything ? owh dear, lotsa things to think about ... *pening*
well at least, i oredy know where my reception will be held ... wink wink wink ... *happy*

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