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Thursday, August 6, 2009

.Rumah Kebaya.

as i browse through the net, i came across this website own by my sis's photog wife for her reception, i.e Mr. Fairus ... yerp, own by Mrs. Sitti .. since i once dreamt of a Jawa or Balinese wedding, an Indonesian reception attire would be nice too ... i mean, a modern Indonesian attire would be nice .. not the ones with huge head gears, all those complicated thingy stuffed around my head, lil' gold thingey hanging on my ears etc ... just a simple-modern Indonesian attire will do ... like what Rumah Kebaya has to offer ... !! i think ive fallen in love with their attires lah ... asked hubby about it and hubby couldn't agree more ... and insyaAllah we will be wearing a pair of simple-modern Indonesian attire for one of our receptions ... yes, we gonna be Rumah Kebaya clients soon !! yeay ~!! love the kerawang ... timbul ... tak mcm french lace biasa ... this pink and white worn by Mrs. Anil during her reception is soooo gorgeousss !! love the details and the embroidered ... demmm ... ! she's like a princess !love the long back dress ... niceee .. :)this is what Fairus and his bride, Sitti wore on their reception ... nice aite ?? love the vibrant colours and how they blend it all in ... nice nice nice ~

*sesi berangan*

pix nick from here, here and here :)

Rumah Kebaya
Alamat - No 60,
Jalan Taman Pinggiran Usj 3/3,
Taman Pinggiran Usj.
Subang Jaya,Selangor

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