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Monday, August 31, 2009

.So say your prayers and go to bed, it will save your life and soul. For those who do, are safe from harm, and live on to grow graciously old.

after for almost a months going here and there searching for the perfect bed for me and hubby, at last!! ive found what ive been searching for and of course with an affordable price !! yippieee!! nice bed-frame with a comfortable bed ... God , ive fallen in love with the bed frame !!! nice white comfy bed with stylish-modern-exclusive designs ... dem, i just couldnt look at any other than this !!! ive found one similar like this design 'round KL but the price was effin' expensive ... !! 8k++ for just bed frame ??? dem, ridiculous !!
nice curvy comfy head rest with studded buttons .. sgt selesa especially nak sandar sambil tgk tv dlm bilik ... :)
the edge of the bed is safe .. no shard edge that might be harmful for lil' kiddos ! perfect !!
the end of the bed is also nice ... a very rare design i must say ... so, wedding bed, CHECKED !!!

petang ni saya mahu pergi book !!!
*sangat sukaaaaa*

p/s: both bed frame and bed are from SweetDreams ... check out their designs HERE !

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Anonymous said...

found you site over misterwong... but one question do you have twitter or facebook, where i can be connected with you blog...? thanks


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