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Sunday, September 27, 2009

.14 days counting ...

just an entry for my engagement prep ... 12 more days to go and am all nervous about it ~ with so many things to think of by myself, i just hafta do it one by one so that i wont be getting headache along the prep process ... :P so, here're my hantaran prep for the day ...!! engagement's dress, catering, canopy, invitations, pelamin are on their way and ill be updating 'em soon ~

Par or hantaran tray oredy picked up in Terengganu at cousin's house ... checked !

alas hantaran .. ill use alas hantaran we used for sis's wedding ... still looks new and its a really rare one ... a lacy alas hantaran with small roses ... mcm ala-ala Lovely Laces gitu .. yerp, me and mum bought it in Midvalley... setakat ni,tak pernah tgk ag org guna this kindda alas hantaran for hantaran ... :)
thought of using fresh flowers for my engagement's hantaran BUT when i think of it, i might as well use the fake flowers la ... i might be using fresh flowers for my wedding hantaran then as i wanna make it more special than the engagement's hantaran ... and on a second thought, i was thinking of using blue flowers for hantaran BUT then again, after browsing here and there at SFF few weeks ago, ive decided to use Red Roses for hantaran ... yes ... why ?? because the red roses i saw in SFF was really really nice and dem cheap !!! [after discounted :P] .. so, am ON for red roses ... and for Beebee's side, i demanded a pinkish hantaran for my side ... cheyyyy, demand tuhhh !! [banyak cantek muka aku !!]
the glue gun ive had for almost three years ... best !!

i chose the square pelapik hantaran ... ive covered it up with creamish-gold satin silk and glued a red cottony-breaded ribbon around it .. i find it simple yet classy and i love it ! :)
five square box baskets will be use to put in my hantaran thingey ... yerp, a lil' english rose style la kot... and for two more hantaran, ill be using a round rattan basket for fruits and for sireh junjung, ill be using only the Styrofoam or maybe some sort of sponge to arrange the sireh leaves ...
so, thats for my engagement hantaran prep thingey ... tomorrow ill be decorating my hantaran ... geezzz... another 12 more days to go and am all nervous !!!

~wish me luck ~


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