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Monday, October 26, 2009

.An Ode to the Gift List.

my engagement's hantaran was hand-arranged by yours truly ... yerp, a self creativity that leaves me with two huge baggy eyes on my engagement day [owh, dear ~] ... but hey, it was such a satisfaction to do your own hantaran i tell yah ! a bit tiring and such a hassle going here & there searching for hantaran thingey [especially around jln TAR, blurghhhh!] but am so lucky to have me bf [my fiance now :P] to accompanying me everytime im going for a shoppe ... *grins* at first i was thinking of a blue color theme hantaran but since i cant find any blue colour flowers that can reach up to my par, so ive decided to just go for deep red roses ... and Alhamdulillah, within my budget, my hantaran wasn't bad at all ... [pat on my back...]

- Sireh junjung : it took me three hours just to think of the sireh junjung arrangements .. seriously, the hardest part of doing the hantaran was to think of the sireh's arrangements ... dealing with real leaves and flowers just hard sebab takut daun sireh tu lebam if i kept on bending it so many times .. which means, no try & errors when it comes to sireh junjung ... set ur mind and just do the arrangements .. but please bare in mind that u should start arranging the sireh the night before to preserve the freshness of the leaves on the event day .. :P so, tell me what do you think ? :)

- Kain baju nikah & bujang baju melayu : arranged in a bamboo box decorated with gold-diamond plastic strip .. easy but a bit tricky as the kain was licin ... susah nk lipat elok2x ..
- Songkok, sampin & kerongsang : same as above and it didnt take me long to figure out the arrangements .. thank God the bamboo box can fit both the huge songkok and sampin .. fuhhh ~! owh, i love the kerongsang ... nice ...
- Chocolates : whats inside the bamboo box? Patchi's, Beryl's CAMIOR, Beryl's Mini Choc, Beryl's AGGIO, Beryl's Eternal Love, choc mcm candy tu tak ingat nama and of course not forgetting the choc wajib kesukaan Beebee, Farrero Rocher .. u can find 'em all at KLCC .. yummeyh ~!

- Cuppie cakes : mine wasnt the typical cup cakes as i ordered half carrot-half choc cup cakes .. i dun wanna make it too formal and to add in fun-childish-cute elements, ive ordered several designs for the cup cakes ... some are daisy's, some are red ribbon, some are gift box and some are red rose on top of the cup cake ... love 'em ~! sangat chomel ... thanks to Choffles for the cuppies ... :)
- Home made fruit cake : this fruit cake was home baked freshly by Cik Ram, our neighbour .. as mum kept on bugging me about the fruit cake as hantaran, i just hafta agree with mom to have fruit cake for the hantaran .. not bad ... luckily the size fits the box ! marvellous ~ tasted really nice too ... thanks Cik Ram for the yummy fruit cake ... :)
- Fruits : was a lil bit confused in decorating the fruits for hantaran ... especially on which basket to use to put in the fruits ... yerp, since i dun wanna use the typical basket, ive decided to just use the basket Beebee gave me for Eid's cookies hamper ... talk about creative huh ?? well, Alhamdulillah it was a success and i just love it ... the basket seems to look just fine for the hantaran ... very rare and unique ... whats in it ?? a butter fruit [buah nona or Annona squamosa
], crunchy pears, fresh apples, seedless black grapes and [yeah, as u can see] sweet huge strawberries too ... all fruits were bought at Cold Storage KLCC ... wasn't tad bad eh? :P

*pics credit to Tampak Karya*
-Hareez & Adnan-
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