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Monday, October 26, 2009

.You are within me now, so so close, but still we can become closer, we can share our very existence.

My Engagement's dias ...
it was a simple one ... yet it was breath taking ... love the colour that blend in with my engagement's dress ... its in pink-white-cream colour with some greeny ... thanks and credit to Zaifiecreation for the beautiful dias ... *thanks byk2x kak Zaifie*
*pics credit to Tampak Karya's dudes cuzzy Hareez & Adnan ... nice !*

A Princess's Love

When she was little her father said,
"You're a Little Daddy's Princess so fair,
so true, you'll know your Knight,
he'll come for you. "

But in her early life,

pain fell hard and fast,
she thought how for sure her
Knight was in the past.

Her years were long and hard,

times of love fell short of true,
until one day she met her Knight,
now those sweet dreams have come true.

The love they share is warm and sweet,

she's still mystified,
how he swept
her off her feet.

Her love for him is good and so true,

words can't express the love she has
so endlessly,
so sweet, so new.

Her White Knight did come for her,

her fathers words were true.
The Happy Ending came at last,
her long sadness is in the past.

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