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Sunday, November 22, 2009

.And so, since that time, A golden ring has been a symbol Of the beauty of devotion And the beauty of the endlessness of love.

am still in search of my W ring's design ... and yes, it's harder than searching for my booking-day ring .. *sigh* ... but yeah, this time around, ill be giving an honor to my future MIL to do her magic, i.e choosing & purchasing my wedding ring ... (",) and before that, i need to give some ideas to my Mr F, of what i had i mind before he went to jewelery shop with his mom ... well, am the one whose gonna be wearing the ring, right?? so why dun i [at least] give some ideas on the designs ... :P
been browsing the net for few weeks, searching for the best wedding ring designs that capture my eyes and my heart, but, there were no luck until ive found a few
that aren't tad bad today ... and i kindda love the design too ~ my ring may not be as same as what ive found, but, at least similar designs would be nice tho ... *grins* as long as i can keep it sweet, simple, nice and classy, ill be fine ...
-love the diamonds arrangements ... simple but sweet-
-owh, i still cant get over one diamond studded ring ... still, this kindda design is the best ... with some small diamonds studded around the big one's would be fine tho-

-i kindda dig these designs too ... yerp, a band design rings ... nice ! especially in the pic below-there u have it Mr F ... ive gave u some ideas on how i would want my weding ring to be like ... but please bare in mind that anything that my future MIL and u picked, ill be fine ... as long as it came straight from ur and her heart ...

"In a far off country many centuries ago,
A kind young king was married to a princess he loved.

Together they lived happily
Until they learned one day that duties were to force
The king to journey far away."
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