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Sunday, November 15, 2009

.Brides and grooms shove fists full of white icing into each other’s mouths. “Eat cake. Be sweet. Be sweet".

been thinking a lot lately about my "hantaran" cake for me hubby ... hurmm... i want it to be in blue or white/offwhite/cream or grey ... yes, a simple-light colour that matches my solemnization theme, Silver-Off white ... why blue ? because its Mr Fiance's fav colour [wink wink*] ... and yes, a lil' bluey wont hurt much, despite the all plain-pale colour kan? i have few list of bakery i might "white/off white/creamtempah" my hantaran cake but still, i just need to browse around and survey for the best ... not just in terms of the taste but oso the PRICE ! :P since ive oredy bought cuppies from Choffles for my engagement last Oct'09 [which was not as tasty as it should be ... duhhh ~!], so its a NO NO for Choffles this time ..

the best cuppies ive ever tried was at A Taste Boutique, Sunway Pyramid ... i kid u not ! the cuppies were so moist and not as sweet as cuppies usually tasted ... especially the Oreo's cuppies ... sgt sgt sedap ! [Mr Fiance oso agreed with me on this..] and the best part is that they're cheap ! and nice too ~ :) owh, not forgotten the various
flavor you can choose from : Vanilla, oreo, chocolate, orange, vanilla chocolate chip, carrot walnut, and red velvet... wahhh !! banyakkan ?? yes, A Taste Boutique will be my first choice to purchase my hantaran cake ... *grins*

Secret Recipe?? hurmmm ... i will consider Secret Recipe too tho ... sebab nyer semua cake sedap BUT can they make 'em pretty ? i mean, decorate the cake with sugar icing, frosting and fondant ?? hummm .. i wish .. or maybe i just buy Secret Recipe's cake and ask my friends to add-up the decorations ?? hurmmm... now thats a good idea lah tapi agak leceh disitu ... nak beli, nak bawak cake to my friend, nak hias ag .. how long it will take pulak kan ?? and of course i hafta purchase the cake a lot earlier kan ? well, we will see how ~

Wondermilk ? Pretty Frosting ? Delicious ? ouhhhh ~
apapun, ill be asking A Taste Boutique for their cakes and prices first ... and owh, here're what ive found that captured my eyes ... nice nice .. aint 'em preddy ?
simple and nice ~ love the big ribbon !
the colour is so nice ... :) silver and off white huh ?? nice nice ~
a lil' weird but kindda cute tho ~
Tiffany&Co. box anyone ??
ni pun nice gak ... without the roses lah !
i love this one ! seriously !!! nak nak nak ~
cute kan ??

all sweet beautiful cakes above nicked from Polyvore
cute, tasty and moist cuppies and nice-simple-sweet-beautiful mini-cake from A Taste Boutique
mini cake ni pun sweet gak ... suka ~!!
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Anonymous said...

You have tested it and writing form your personal experience or you find some information online?

SaSsYAnGeL said...

hey there ..
yes, ive tasted 'em and it is from my personal experience if ure mentioning about the taste of the cup cakes ... again, the taste thingey may be subjective due to one's taste-buds ... some might find 'em tasty, and some might say it doesnt taste as nice as it looks ... so, my advice is to go and have a try first before u make any bookings or order ... :)

have a nice day ~


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