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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

.D.I.Y : Pomander balls.

i love flowers, i always do ... especially when they're arranged nicely .. i dunno who created this Pomander Balls, but, am surely really love it ! extremely gorgeous and sweet ... since [maybe] ill be having few flower girls walking with me along the isle during my reception, im thinking of them holding the pomander balls ... hurmmmm ... seems like great to me !! owh, mana boleh saya dapat pomander balls yg cantik eh ??? any idea ?? or maybe ill just D.I.Y myself ... hurmmm ... owh, need it for room deco too ~ *think*

flower gurls with pomander balls ... nice !!

nice combination .. yellow + blue pomander ...
hang on guest chair ?? hurmmm ... untuk 900 chairs ?? owh, tidak ... *pengsan*

pomander with beads ... nice gak !
pomander D.I.Y .. senang je kot ... :D
aren't this sweetness?
so, saper nk tolong saya buat Pomander Balls ?
sila angkat tangan ...
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amfeaz said...

salam sassy...secara kebetulan bleh tersinggah kat your blog. reading thru this entry, looks like you're searching for pomander balls for your wedding. actually, i baru je siapkan 100 pomander balls for my customer (for her BIG day too :)). feel free to visit my blog at http://amfeaz.blogspot.com to view the pomanders. if you're interested, we can discuss further about it.

anyway, good luck for the preparation for your BIG day, may Allah ease the journey :)


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