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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

.Here's to the little girl dreams and fairy tale wishes for life of a princess is what every girl misses.

surely a bride-to-be always dream to look as princess as she could be during her wedding day .. with no doubt, i agree ... me too ! in fact, i wanna look as queen as i can be ... [wahhh ! nk ratu tuhhhh .. xnak kalah !! :P ~] .. besides the wedding gown/dress, a tiara has its own roles to make u like a princess/queen ... the designs, the crystals, the pearls, the diamonds studded on the tiara has its own meanings and ways to make the bride glow on her wedding day ... here're what ive found while browsing around the net ... yes, the tiara with its name ... if i were to choose, id go for "royal sensation", "catherine the great" or "royal destiny"... owh so nice !

-savoy tiara-
-the dauphine-
-royal sensation-
-queen victoria-
-catherine the great-
-royal destiny-
-golden royal destiny-
-golden grand duchess-
*pixies nicked everywhere*
remember this entry ? yerp ... the tiara is mine for keep ... ill be wearing it during my solemnization day in May ~! weehooooo ~~~~!

*ada sesapa nk sewa after May next year tak?*
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