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Monday, November 2, 2009

.In the family shelter I love to be, feeling so good deep inside of me.

here're sneak peak of my engagement's canopy done by my Mr Fiance's friend, Boboy and his crew ... owh, supervised by Mr Fiance for sure [as he didnt want me to get mad at his friend .. ahahahah .. ways to avoid the bridezilla in me comming out huh? ~ ehehehe :P] .. eventho there was a lil' unsatisfaction going on at the early stage of discussion, Alhamdulillah everythings turn out to be just fine ... thanks to Mr Fiance for his patient and his conversation skills that made me all relieved to agree with what he's doing ... i still remember once he said, "Ayang settlekan benda benda lain ... about our engagement's canopy, tables, chairs and setting, u just leave it to me ok .. jangan susah susah pening kan kepala fikir .. harga pun Bee akan bincang ... Bee settle kan ..." and so with one "muncung" sedepa, i nodded agreeing with him ... owh looky looky what had he done !! superb kan ?? love everything about the khemah ...one of our guest said to dad, "comey nyer khemoh ... bukey macey tuney .. ni doh macey nikoh doh ni ..." and my neighbour did said to mama , "grand nyer khemah.. ni nak kawin or tunang sebenarnya ni ?? cantik setting dalam dia ... redup je ... pandai anak cik Timah (my mum) pilih ... "

with one wide smile, i am happy and relieved to see my engagement's canopy ... yes, our canopy's theme was gold and cream ... so, here there are ...

owh and for our catering, we chose my cousin's family's catering ... yes, the same catering who cooked for my sis's solemnization and reception three years ago ... and owh, oso for cukur jambul lil' Izz last year ... it's S**F**I Catering, Sg. Sekamat Kajang ... everything was okey ... the food tasted great, the drinks was so refreshing, the buffet was arranged nicely ... few things made me kindda unsatisfied with the service was:

- the cake tasted wierdly .. it should be "cake gula hangus" , but it turned out to be like "apam gula hangus" .. tawar lak tuh ! haihsh ~
- the arrangements for VIP was hurmmm .... terabur !! ... not all foods at the buffet was served for VIP ... yes, that dissapoint me much as i am serving my future FIL and MIL ... what they got was not exactly like i was hoping for and not as what they deserve ... geezzzz... i should be doing the serving part for VIP !!!! menyesal kat situ ... especially ur future FIL and MIL really is VIP !!! they dun deserve that kind of servings ~ *duhhhh*
- the watermelon served was a disaster ... why ?? the way they cut the watermelon was hideous ! like what i told mama n Beebee, "mcm nk bg makan arnab !!" besar-besar giler and they were not synchronize .. not nicely cutted ... geezzz... is that how u serve
food to people ??
- owh owh .. not forgetting the satay i ordered came in LATE !! super duper LATE !! i hate when people broke their promises and not telling me the truth whats going on behind it ... demmit !!! fine fine .. ur satay tasted good BUT u were effin' LATE !! the VIP and most of the guest were done eating and u just came ?? for what ?? i was really pissed off with the satay guy for that ... ikutkan hati, aku takmo bayar and satay tuh boleh bawak balik !! promised to came at 10am BUT the guy came at 12pm ... !! WTF !! *sigh*
overall, everything was nice .. accept for the Satay, the VIP servings and the desserts (kek gula hangus and watermelon) ...
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