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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

.Love...is like a beautiful heels which I may never wear, but whose beauty makes the heart feels a place of delight just the same.

ive fallen in love with this she oredy ... its Manolo Blahnik [the shoes gurus] !!! geezzz... and am so envy to see that actually there's bride wore this on her wedding day [click HERE] ure so lucky women !! ... :( wish i could have this shoe for my wedding ... ouhhh ... dream on ~ [slap slap] US$555 - US$14,000 for a pair [click HERE] !! ada bran gurls ?? or maybe if ure marrying a millionaire or billionaire, then only u can start bragging about wearing Manolo Blahnik shoes okeyh ~ kalau tak, better shut it off je la ... :P

the US$649.00 navy blue heels i adore so much ~
Brand: Manolo Blahnik
Cobalt black satin, Silvertone hardware,
Crystal broach detail on vamp,
4 1/4" covered heel.
Made in Italy.

owh, oso comes in yellow .. nice gak ...
-hantaran kahwin minah ni yg membuatkan diriku sangat cemburu-
and she even wore it during her reception ... owh, so envy ...
lucky u women !

owh owh ... look what ive found ... [HERE]
this MANOLO BLAHNIK navy shoe is on sale ... !!!
from US$649.00 to US$169.00 !! more than 50% off ...!
tapi, tu utk kat US je la ... again, berangan je la ....


did some window shopping and browsed around with Mr Fiance for other brand-similar-cheaper-version of the heels but what ive found was this LEWRE Couture swarovski crystals studded heels at The Gardens that will cost me about MYR1429.00 a pair !! tapi mmg sebijik macam MANOLO BLAHNIK nyer heels ... huhuhuh ...

will be continuing searching for my prefect wedding shoe ~
so, where else can i find wedding shoe with similar design ??

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Cik Belle said...

hye u. i love to read ur blog. ur taste is superb la. hee. lucky her to have manolo blahnik. the comes in yellow pon menarek jugak. eish, boleh tak nak custom made? ngee

SaSsYAnGeL said...

hye there ... thanks for dropping by sweety .. yeah, i am still hunting for my wedding shoe with something similar to Manolo's design ... i truly adore the design so much ... if those shoes are cheap, i might wearing it blue and yellow both ... eheheh ... yes, sebelah biru, sebelah kuning !!! suites my theme color really really well ... eheheh ... custom made ?? do u know where to custom made a shoe ?? if u do, please do pm me yah ... thanks sweety ~


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