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Saturday, November 14, 2009

.make me preddy on my wedding day.

for most brides, the most scariest thing they dun wanna happen during wedding is one hideous + ugly + weird make-up do by the appointed make-up artist ... who wanna look un-pretty during their wedding day right ? ever heard of an ugly bride ? nope ... all we heard of is a beautiful bride ... a gorgeous bride ... or maybe sometimes a cute bride, a sweet bride ... u dun wanna be the first to known as an ugly bride, do u ? God gracious, NO ! especially u, the bride, gonna be the highlighted one during the reception/ceremony ... as for that reasons, it is important for the bride-to-be to choose and to hire the most compatible make-up artist for her ... not just simply pick by what friends/relatives/advert/promoters said ... no no no ... u have to remember not all make-up artists are suitable for all brides with different kind of skin tones and types ... not all make-up artists knows how to make all brides with diff. skin tones/types pretty ... some make-up artists may suites some of the brides and some may not ... it differs ...

firstly, u have to be extra "rajin" to browse around n search for what kind of make-up do's u want for ur bride-face on ur wedding day ? yes, browse anywhere or everywhere ... or maybe u can try this one cool TAAZ online make over [HERE] just for a try-outs ... yes ... just be creative and give some extra efforts for an awesome results ok? ... done with ur make-up do's search ? now u have to browse around for a make-up artist .. its a good thing if the make-up artist have their own blog or a website and of course thei
r port-folio's pixies ... the previous job done ... try to search for faces that is similar with urs [eyes, lips, cheeks, eye brow, nose etc] or maybe at least similar to ur skin tone ...

once u have chosen few make-up artists of your choice, try to give 'em a call ... ask them how much they
charge according to your sessions/receptions/ceremony ... remember, do not go over budget for make-up !! u need ur moolahs for something else too ... then, ask them for a make-up try outs .. yes, u need this ... u dun wanna go "conteng and padam" few times before the reception/ceremony kan ?? so, dun go wasting ur time and mess-up ur mood on ur day ... find other day [at least weeks before the day] for a try-outs ... it is recommended to do try outs at least one month before ... do go for a try-outs for each make-up artist uve chose before ... just be frank and give comments if u have one .. dun go keeping it urself n be quiet ... remember, people will be looking at you, not ur make-up artist ! so, just spill it out ~

once ure satisfied, do not forget to take a picture of the most make-up do's u like/picked ... u need that face again for ur day right ?? so, please at least snap one picture of yourself .. CLOSE-UP and SMILE ! book the make-up artist according to ur date and yes, u hafta pay the booking fees yah ! eheheheh ... so, its confirmed the make-up artist will be urs for ur day ~ a lil' effort needed but its worth it ... trust me !

ive done my make-up do's search and here're my pick for my make-up do's for my reception/solemnization day ... *grins*

looks fiercely gorgeous ... maybe too much smokey eyes perhaps ? nice tho ~
the smokey eyes is too light .. kindda nampak splotchy pun ada gak ... tapi nampak sweet ~
indonesian bride ~ innocent nyer !
awww... chomel!
simple and light for nikah ~ sweet ...
always pretty preity ~! hurmmm?owh, perfect ! for reception perhaps ??

selingan .... :P
[muka saya di make-up by EleenaLamat masa "thembom" for Berita Harian]

*make me preddy*
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