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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

.may ever remain in perfect love and peace together, and live accord-ing to thy laws.

just some nikah tips ive read in one of the blogs when i was blog hopping last few days n i find it very thoughtful of the writer to give some tips during solemnization for the brides to be and oso for the groom to be too ... some may think its such a small things to think about but u have to remember that when ure in the lime light, small things may be big for some peeps ... and yeah, it might gave big consequences from that small things ... so, here're what ive read with a lil' editted in my own version ...

Before the akad nikah :

1. Pastikan sentiasa ada pengapit duduk di sebelah.

Especially for the bride. PENTING! to wipe away your nervouse-sweat that might just splotch ur make-ups, adjust ur never-ending-heavy-long veil when ure sitting down or standing up, help u to re-arrange barang/kusyen tempat bertimpuh tu in case u need to shift places or whatever. it will look a lil' awkward if a bride sitting alone without her bride's maid kan ?? mcm princess tanpa dayang .. haaa.. mcm tu lah.. if a bride needs to get-up or walk when somebody asked for something, especially her I/C, let the bride's maid do it for u. the bride just have to sit properly [sweetly], look gorgeous and smile !! yerp, thats it ...

2. Prepare your IC / ID.

Get it ready and take it out from your wallet or purse earlier. let the bride's maid hold it for you. when the tok kadi ask for it, the bride's maid will just hand it to him

3. Duit upah.

For the groom, jangan lupa sediakan duit upah tok kadi. some places, saksi pun nak kena bagi saguhati. well, its better to ask siap-siap kat wakil pihak perempuan about this tho.

4. Solat sebelum nikah

if at the Mosque, lebih afdhal ditunaikan solat ni. For Niat dan cara mengerjakannya , u may see here > tips raja sehari .

5. Smile! Smile! Smile!

yes, ure wayyyy nervous and scared on your solemnization day. and yes, ure sweating all over waiting for the ceremony to end ... BUT BUT BUT .. dun forget to SMILE the whole time .. especially when the camera is focusing on you .. u need to smile ... dun u want to look stunning in the pic ?? one more thing, ur feet might get numb due to long hours of sitting in the same position .. u may change ur position BUT please do it properly .. beware of ur "kain" .. u may ask ur bride's maid to help , especially holding ur hand and hand bouquet ... dun let people see ur panty okeyh !!! :P

Semasa akad nikah :

1. Khutbah nikah

am not so sure about this. Ada dibuat sebelum akad nikah, ada jugak selepas. depends on the kadi kot. during khutbah nikah, both pengantin have to sit slightly nearer. make sure u bring ur nikah cushion together if u need to transfer nearer to the groom ... make sure ur bride's maid is holding and bring ur cushion for you .. not you urself !!

2. Bacaan taklik

After akad nikah, ada bacaan taklik. Its like a husband-wife vows or a promises. Firstly, the groom will make his vows and then only the bride. Be prepare if u have to read it in Jawi !!!. Get ready je.

3. Solat lepas nikah.

Done all above, before batal air sembahyang, u may perform ur solat sunat selepas nikah [especially the groom]. Sila rujuk tips raja sehari ni untuk niat dan cara mengerjakan.

Selepas akad nikah :

1. Giving mas kahwin dan wang hantaran.

Sometimes, there're line to say when the groom give mas kahwin to the bride. well, just follow what tok kadi says kot. am sure kena posing lama sikit for pixies. so,kenalah pandai berlakon sikit-sikit, ok. :P

2. Upacara pembatalan air sembahyang.

Ask ur bride's maid or bestman siap-siap pergi ambil cincin/gelang/rantai that is going to be use for this ceremony. Kalau sarung cincin takde masalah rasanya. Cuma kalau nak sarung rantai leher atau gelang tangan, please remind the groom, ask him to berlatih dulu [pakaikan kat mak dia ke, adik dia ke ...]. Takdelah sejam haa orang tunggu sebab terkial-kial tak reti nak cangkukkan rantai atau gelang tu nanti :p *bummer*

3. Bersalaman + kiss groom's hand.

the moment both bride and groom been waiting right ?? Memang saat paling syahdu .. Salam tangan macam biasa dan ciumlah. hey, ure now officially husband and wife !! no body's gonna stop you anyways.. right?? :p owh, be prepare that peeps akan buli suruh cium a lil' longer for the pixies. what can u do ... just do what they ask u to do lah. Yang penting gambar cun, kan??

4. kissing bride's forehead.

the must have pics for me on my solemnization day. well, for those groom whom dunno how, u might need a lil' practice for this . u may kiss ur sis's forehead as for a practice [which i think mesti geli geleman nk buat kan ?? ahahahah] . please kiss ur bride's forehead with a very calming and light face.. dun make this too-much-effort-squirky face and muncung ur mouth like a duck !! u will definitely spoil ur pixies with ur hedious face ... ahahah ... u dun want that, do u ??

how? just hold ur bride's right shoulder with your left hand, with your right hand holding her chin. [Holding each other's hand pun boleh ..] then move ur face closer to ur bride and touch her forehead lightly with ur lips .. yes, just touch it lightly .. and if let say your nose is too macung aka LONG [mcm paruh burung tuhhh !!] and its hard for your lips to touch her forehead, just use ur nose to touch her forehead ... and do not press !!! ur face will look hedious i tell you !!! and for the bride, please tunduk skit je ... do not tunduk too low ... nanti end up ur groom cium kepala or maybe ur tiara cucuk idung ur groom ... ahahahah .. groom, jangan cium her hijab ... cium her forehead ok ! :P

this is just nice ....

please do not grab ur bride's head like this !!!

5. Bersalaman dengan ahli keluarga.

this part has its protokolnya. IMPORTANT! we should be carefull especially dealing with the elderly .. they're sensitive !!. after done all above, the groom will be ask to bring his bride untuk bersalaman dengan ahli keluarga dan semua hadirin. Start it off with wali, mak ayah sebelah perempuan atau mak ayah sebelah lelaki. it doesnt matter how far they're apart, just bring ur bride to see them first. after, only u can salam with others ; uncles, aunties, relatives, cousins, friends etc ....

so thats it ... get the picture here ?? i hope this might help u guys future bride and groom ... owh, its a reminder for me and Mr Fiance too ...


*can't wait !*

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