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Friday, November 6, 2009

.thank you for the lovely gift; It’s something I would choose. It gave my spirits quite a lift, It’s something I will use!

here's what i found while browsing the net today ~ geeezzz ... a personalized favors for guest is such a brilliant idea .. !! now am falling in love with the idea and thinking of having it for my reception's guest favors ... these four captured my heart and i might chose one of these for my guest favors in May ... weeee~ so dear guest, which one u guys prefer ??
a personalized mini honey jar ... owh, sweet !
personalized minty candy ... or maybe can use Mentos for this ... kan ?
personalized choc bar ... nice nice !! tapi agak costly kot ... hurmmm ?

personalized tea bags ... awesome possum !! chomel sungguh kan ??

still haven't made up my mind about it as i hafta survey for the lowest price i can get for these favors .. well apapun, we'll see what u guys get in May 2010 ... its a surprise !!


Mr Fiance, jom survey ?? :)

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jarjar said...

u can get the personalized choc bar from here: http://marryme2u.blogspot.com/2009/09/door-gift-personalised-chocolate-bar.html

u can get it for as low as 1.90 :)

been thinking for ordering it for my wedd as well :)

SaSsYAnGeL said...

thanks jarjar ... personalized choc bar is one great idea but i hafta bare with mum's choice, i.e Cakes in box ... but, to compliment the cake, im now in a process of DIY my own personalized tea bags ... and it will be put together with a cake in box .. :) at least i have personalized thingey for favors lah ... thanks !!

wow !! murah tuh rm1.90 ~

gud luck on ur prep sweety ~


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