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Monday, November 30, 2009

.Wedding dress It’s the symbol of our love When you see me you’ll cry Fly to the moon and above My wedding dress Will be just for you.

it was one tough decisions when it comes to deciding what theme color should i wear, owh both me and Mr Fiance, wear for his side's reception ... the family will be wearing gold but the bride and groom still haven't decided yet what theme color should we wear during the reception due to be in Besut, Terengganu two weeks after my reception ... [insyaAllah] after weeks of browsing and boutique's hopping with Mr Fiance, ive made my decision on our theme color ... since for my reception we will be wearing a lil' dark color, so for his reception, we will be wearing something light and soft ... and yes, a gold color is a must for me ! i still need that classy touch for my wedding tho ... :P and so, ive come to only two choices of our theme color ...

so the first will be ..... GOLD and PURPLE ... a mixture of both color will give one magnificent mixture and theme color ...

the second choice will be GOLD and DUSTY PINK ! nice huh ?? yerp ... i love dusty pink ~this bride's dress worn by DSN is sooo dem nice !!! where can i get this kindda dress huh ?? cheaper version lah of course ... huhuhuh ... *thinking*
the hunt for his side's reception dress is still on and i hope we will find what we both wanted .... any ideas where can i get cheap+nice+elegant wedding dress around ?? either rental or tempah or sewa-tempah .... doesnt matter ... as long as it is affordable for Mr Fiance to pay ... hiks ! :P
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saints-scarves said...

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Nice and very affordable. Just the matter you like it or not.


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