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Sunday, November 8, 2009

.With this ring I do solemnly swear. That my whole life with you I'll share. To be with until death do us part.

my engagement's ring update ...
it's a Habib Jewels De`sire limited edition ring that i adore so much and tot of wearing it for my solemnization day .. but, Mr. Fiance were all generous purchasing this ring for our engagement ... tertelan air liur sekejap as the ring is not that cheap ... riban riban harga ... gulp!
how many carats?? hurmmm ... why dun u take a wild guess ... :) see if ure right and u really know how to value diamonds ...

a single studded diamond ring ... owh, i love it so much ! so me !
thanks Beebee for this ring ... thank you so much sayang ... owh, now i just cant wait for our solemnization ring lak !! yeayy ~
Promise Ring
by Elizabeth
I give you this ring
as a promise to you
a promise that I'll be here
and I'll always be true

I promise that I'll hold you
when your day isn't going right
and i will comfort you
through the long cold night

I promise that I'll make you smile
when you feel like dying
I promise that I'll be here
when you feel like crying

I promise that i will guide you
when the future isn't clear
i promise i will be there
to wipe away your every tear

i promise that no matter what
we will make it through
i give you this ring as a promise
A promise that I will always love you.

p/s: if rasa nk engrave nama or tarikh kat cincin, better do it masa purchase the ring ... jangan tunggu lama baru nk buat engraving ... harga nnt dh mahal .. dh la kena tunggu lama utk siap .. dlm sebulan mcm tu la .. sanggup ?? and one more thing, if u were to buy ur wedding ring, make sure u buy it when Habib is on sale .. u wont believe how low the price can be ...

owh, december, here i come ~!!!

pix credit to Hareez & Adnan from TampakKarya
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