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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

.You’ll start off the day just two people in love and end it as husband and wife.

since me myself voluntarily will be doing my "nikah pelamin" for my solemnization day in May next year, i just wanna make it as simplest as i can BUT it must look sweet, nice yet classy ... it is not about the budget or the money that made me wanting to do my nikah pelamin myself, but its the satisfaction that counts [errrr... budget pun ye gak la sebenarnya .. :P] ... itu pun just maybe and if i got time to do so [as ill be doing my "hantaran" myself too ... *sigh*] .. what crossed my mind for my nikah pelamin was this balinese "kerawang" partition and one simple two seater wooden chair ... yes ... some sort of balinese pelamin kot ... i had modern pelamin for my engagement last Oct, so, i need something with a lil' cultural touch for my nikah day ... and kayu kayan would be nice right ? ill try my very best for the nikah pelamin and i hope it will turn out to be just as i expected ... [InsyaAllah]

hurmmmm ... i love this one ... nice, simple, yet classy mini pelamin ... minus the flowery thingey on-top lah ... it will be nicer without it ... the kerawang back drop itself is already heavy, so, why add the top thingey anyways ?? less is more , right ?? :)
kayu kerawang concept pelamin for my nikah ?? perhaps .. maybe ... we will see about it ... (",) still got lot more times to think and choose .... what say u Mr. Fiance ? sempat ke eh ? will i be energize enough ? will i have one black baggy eyes if i do my pelamin myself ? ke just call ZaifieZainal for help ?? tehehehe :)
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