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Friday, December 4, 2009

.The first time we met, I know your feelings were real toward me. Until I had nothing more to give. yes, ure the in-laws ive always dreamnt of.

after all the excitement & the happiness felt after ive bought my second reception's laces to tempah [previous entry], i cant hardly sleep !!! owh Lordy God ~ ! why ? coz my brain can't stop thinking about how my reception dress would be like !! i mean, the design y'all ~ geeezzz ... [bersemangat sungguh aku neyh ... kan ? :P] and so i think and think and think and i recall and recall and recall all pixies ive viewed during blog hopping and web browsing ...

and a sudden light just came upon my head when i recall this one blogger's baju "bertandang" [the groom's side reception] ... i said to myself, "jack pot !! hers was a sweet and classy dress.. tak over and tak too simple ... boleh pakai untuk ke kenduri kahwin after the reception ... and i love the design !~" the blogger that ive mentioned is actually miss Anil Lutaze ... wooopss ... Mrs. Anil Lutaze now to be precise :P ... i love her bertandang dress and i think it should suites me well as my second reception oso will be held in a "kampung" environment too... yippie~ [mari kita amik gambar dlm sawah jom!]

so, here's the dress ive mentioned above ... cantik tak ?? mcm kebaya and mcm baju kurung moden pun ada ... modest and simple, yet very classy ... the beading is not that heavy, nor crowded .. just nice ~ sesuai for a "kampung" environment reception ... owh, me likey likey ~ [isn't she look gorgeous? ouh ~!]
Kak Dilla [from Salikin Sidek], can u make mine like hers ?? pretty pretty pweaseeee ~

and owh, this is how i wanna look like with my Mr. Fiance on that day ~ accept for the baby blue color lah ... coz ours will be in Dusty Pink + Gold ... Mr. Fiance will be wearing creamish gold baju melayu with dusty pink tanjak + sampin, together with some accessories [rantai, brooch etc .. owh, tidak dilupakan sang keris juga!] .. and ill be wearing my dusty pink lace's dress with gold lining, dusty pink veil, creamish-gold beaded hijab, a tiara and yeah, a bouquet of flowers too ... hurrrmmm .. imagine ... imagine ... imagine ... owh, gorgeoussss !! :P [verangan~]
so Beebee Mr Fiance, do u agree with me on this hun ?? get the picture now sayang ??

-owh, tak sabarnyer nk g tempah baju-

[pixies credit to ANIL LUTAZE]
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