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Thursday, December 3, 2009

.I felt my bosom swell- For the words rang as a knell, And the voice seemed his who fell In the battle down the dell, And who is happy now.

remember THIS entry ??

weehoooo ... felt like screaming on top of my lungs when Mr Fiance emailed me this photos of what he has at his house ... yerp yerp .. its the wooden carved partition for my solemnization's pelamin ~!!! at first Mr Fiance said the partition he has at home is a simple ones that might not up to my par BUT he was wrong ~!! it turned out to be PERFECT !! yes, just what i wanted ... a lil' bit different with ones i showed in the picture .... despite the flowery kerawang-kerawang carved, it also has Allah's and Muhammad's name carved too ... which makes it even more perfect !!! geezz... syukur ~
so, can i consider my nikah pelamin done ?? yes, my pomander balls are done 80% and with a lil' bit of my creativity touch, it'll be done in no time ~!
with pomander balls hanging and wooden long seat, will it be as superb as i hoped for ? hurmmm ... will think about it later tho ... apapun, i love this partition !

Mr Fiance, thanks so much sayang ~
-heart u-
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