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Friday, December 4, 2009

.Shes been dreaming 'bout her wedding dress since she was a little girl.. its pink with lace, and flowing, accents made of pearl.

me and Mr Fiance been in & out boutiques in searching for my perfect wedding dress to rent for about a month now n still there were no luck ... and so, ive decided to just beli kain and tempah saje ... [it is even cheaper this way you know ... owh, satisfactions too ! *grins* ~] this dress will be for Mr Fiance's side reception and since i dun wanna waste a single penny of his, ill go for beli+tempah rather than spending thousands ringgit just for rental ...

remember THIS entry ??

yerp yerp yerp ... its now official .. ive chosen DUSTY PINK + GOLD for his reception [or some people call it pink-belacan] ... yippieee ~! and what ive bought today just made me feel uber relieved ... bought this marvelous Tulle Embroidered Dusty Pink/Gold Lace today with Liquid Satin Silk Gold lining at MayaSilk store and i must say it was like love at first sight ... ! i dun hafta browse elsewhere after i laid my eyes on this gorgeous lace ... yes, just perfect for my second reception dress ... with sequins and thick embroidery, i dun think my dress needs an extreme beadings right hun ?? a simple beadings will do since my lace is oredy gorgeous as is ...

price ?? how much do you think it is per meter?? care to take a wild guess here?? well, for those whom familiar with imported laces, am sure u know and yeah, it costs Mr Fiance hudreds plus plus per meter ... i kid u not ! yeah, its expensive alright but we oredy did our calculations comparing between tempah and rental ... still, we consider it cheap as the dress will be mine for keep ... kan ? :P plus, we bought Tulle Foll SV soft net for a matching veil too ~ yerp, its a plain net ... ill ask my tailor to patch some of the embroideries from the dress's lace, adding up some beadings to my veil ... wow ~ can't wait ...

yeay ~ so now i hafta think when to go and tempah my reception's dress + nikah's outfit too ~ hurmmm, next week pehaps ?? jom hun ~

here's a sneak preview ~
also bought few pearly beads too as i promised Mr Fiance to add up pearly beads to his baju melayu just to match with my reception's dress ~ yes yes ... ill do it myself for you sayang ~ owh, the beads was selling cheap !! from rm13 ++ to rm4.90 per packet ?? wow ! 70% for selected items in Sayang You y'alls !! [the blue ribbons will be use for my side's reception... 45 sen segulung .. murah gilers kan ?? cuba teka nk ikat apa ??? :P] what a relief ... Alhamdulillah i wont be giving Mr Fiance a headache no more regarding my reception's dress for his side ... leceh + cerewet kan ?? ehehehehh ~

-thanks Mr Fiance-
heart you
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