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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

.When you take a bite, you will taste its delight, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate chocolate chocolate, it is so nice, sometimes covered in rice!.

Warning: Chocolate related post ahead. Not for the faint-hearted. :p

ehemmm ehemmm ... sorry .. kindda feeling chocking inside my throat staring at these chocolates pixies .. sweetness ... owh, those chocs just making my mouth watering now ... slurppss slurppss ... :P ive been thinking of chocolates for my hantaran to give to my Mr Fiance [again] ... luxurious finest chocolates... and yes, since ive oredy gave Patchi chocs for my engagement's hantaran, im thinking of others finest chocolates collections available here in KL ... yeah, those chocolates aren't cheap i tell yah !!! tertelan air liur jugak nk membeli coz a 100 grams of 'em cost me a pair of shoe !!! i kid u not ~ *pitam* but hey, when it comes to the one you love, you wouldn't mind spending a lil' more right ?? plus, its a once in a life time thingey ... i dun think you will think twice about purchasing sumthing a lil' extra special right ?? and so, ive came to three luxurious finest chocs brands which i can get here around KL ... well, depends on the price and affordability lah ... apapun, ill be doing my chocs hunt soon ~ owh, oso chocs tasting too !!! ymm yummm ~ :P so, here goes ....

FIDANI finest chocolate collections ~ ouchhh ... love the truffles .. looks deliciously yummeyhh !!.. love 'em designs too .. cantik2x & nampak sangat2x luxurious !! haven't tried 'em yet but am sure they're all taste good ... but owh, i need to go to LCCT lah if i wanna try diggin' this chocs ... situ je ada counter dia ... uhhh.. jauhnyer ... :P
love the "F" trademark on the chocs ...
"F" is definitely for my Mr F
!! *grins*
the second one is the Mousse Chocolate collections from GODIVA ... haven't tasted yet but ive oredy surveyed their price and it was effin' EXPENSIVE !!! not only a pair, but, i definitely can buy two pairs of shoes if i were to buy these chocs ... geezzz ... kenapa la mahal sangat ?? *pitam lagi skali* apapun, will be browsing around and will keep on comparing between chocolates before ive make any decisions ... :) GODIVA ... owh GOD !!! ok, this is the third one ... ive tried 'em before and they aren't tad bad at all ... well, they tasted like ... CHOCOLATES lah ... eheheh ... not so much of a choice BUT they're a lil' cheap compared to GODIVA chocs lah ... FIDANI ?? am not sure about it yet 'till i survey 'em price ... so hun, how about chocs from CHOCZ ?

mampukah diriku memberi hantaran sebegini kepada Mr Fiance aka hubby ku nanti ?? *pitam*
*kaching ~!!*
chocs, i heart !
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rina d. said...

hi there,

I gave my husband Godiva chocs as for hantaran. Actually, they do have a cheaper versions of chocos, go for the packets ones. However, the loose chocs are much much expensive. But pretty! :)

Feel free to visit my blog!



SaSsYAnGeL said...

thanks ...
Godiva ?? nice choice ... i am planning to go for FIDANI as they have the letter F on their chocs ... and yeah, sesuai dengan nama my soon-to-be-hubby, starts with F ... yeah, i also think that the packets ones are much more cheaper than the loose ones.. thanks Rina ..

Congratulations to you ...

nice blog u ave there ..


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