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Monday, January 4, 2010


Alhamdulillah ... Mr Fiance's search for his wedding ring had come to an end on the first day of 2010 ... yerp, a day after am back from the sea ... at first i tot of our visit to Habib Jewel Alamanda just to take a look at the rings available and to ask Ayu [the sweet soft spoken cheerful kind salesgirl ever!] if there're any sales/promotions after January ... but, lucky us when we saw this newly gorgeous modern design they've just put in the display glass ... wahhh ! the first time i saw this silver suasa with two studded diamonds ring, i fell in love .. so did Mr Fiance ... plus, tak payah nak tempah lain as they have Mr Fiance's size displayed [its kindda hard to find a ring in his size sbb jari dia gebu gebu .. eheheheh...] .. looks very very nice on his wedding finger and i just love it ! [ehem ehem .. with a 50% discount y'alls !]

so, voila ! in an instant, i asked Mr Fiance to draw-out some money from my account to pay for the booking fee .. and the day after, i pay the balance as i want them to proceed with the engraving thingey that took 'em a month to be done ... so now, ill be waiting for Mr Fiance's ring ... eeeee... tak sabar lak nak sarungkan kat jari dia on our solemnization day ... *smile*

about my ring ?? we will be buying my ring with his aunty and mom later ... ive explained to Mr Fiance on what kindda design that i want for my ring but this is what he replied me back ... "... mama kata kena beli cincin ag besar dari apa yg i beli for tunang .... so, kena tengok dengan Cik Lah and Mama nanti..."

wohhhhhhhhhhhh!! would it be as big as THIS ??? *pengsan*

apapun, tak kisahlah besar mana pun ... janji kita kawin ... :P *grins*

cant wait for ur ring Beebee !!! i sangat sangat suka walopon i pokai bulan ni .... *sigh*... kikikikikikiki ... :P

[pix will be upload once the ring siap yah!]

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