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Saturday, January 9, 2010

......Except he made her cheeks turn pink.. like the lace dress.

was browsing the net searching for few ideas for my up coming big day this May and i saw this nice-sweet-lovely modern kurung by butik COSRY ...  i say, wow !!! this is so nice ~ sangat sangat sesuai for engagement or nikah ... kan ?? love the details and the cutting of the dress ... a fresh new look with antique kerawang motives on the waist and chest ... very very nicely done ! owh how i wish i saw this pic before i got engaged ... huhuhuh .. kalu tak, boleh buat baju macam ni for my engagement ... :(

owh dear ~ i fell in love with this dress oredy ~

then i scrolled down to see whose dress is this ?? and it belongs to ........... 

[awwwwwww .. shweettt !]

 congratulations to

Dato’ Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar & Dr. Halina


[pixies credit to Kacuk & Azizi from CS]

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