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Sunday, January 17, 2010

.The meet up with the Tok Kadi.

Alhamdulillah ...

a meeting with the Tok Kadi with dad and Mr Fiance went well as planned last friday at Surau Al-Ehsan, Seksyen 2 BBB ... and lucky us to see one solemnization ceremony being held by the same Tok Kadi that night and the fact that we witnessed the "nikah" ceremony of a couple was amazing ... we can see how the same Tok Kadi handle the "nikah" and how he recite everything ... what a relief to see that our Tok Kadi is not that strict and not that "cerewet" ... [hopefully la kan .. :P] after the ceremony was done, we were invited to join the family for jamuan but dad and Mr Fiance segan nak makan .. dah la jamuan org kan ... dah mcm wedding crasher pulak .. hihihi ... we were standing behind the surau until the Tok Kadi abih makan ... i was laughing with dad sebab mcm klakar pulak ... comel pun ada seeing my dad & Mr Fiance duk gelak2x mcm budak2x ... :)

so, after seeing the Tok Kadi abih makan, we approached him and we all sat inside the surau ... everything went really really well ... the Tok Kadi siap isikan my borang ag ... baik tak ?? baik kan dia ... and the fact that he knew my uncle giving me this relief feelings ... plus, dia tanya my Mr Fiance , " saudara Fakhri ni duduk mana yer ?" ... and Mr Fiance replied, "sekyen satu ... dulu duduk sana .. skang dah pindah Sg Ramal ..." then Tok Kadi cakap, "owhhh .. anak siapa yer ?" ... Mr Fiance jawab, "anak A*******" ... Tok Kadi jawab, "owh ..... !!! anak ***** A******* ker .... patut la muka ada iras .... Alhamdulillah , rezeki ... rezeki ..." i dunno what does he means by "rezeki" but the way he said it just made me laugh .. dah la sambil usap usap lengan Mr Fiance ... merah padam muka Mr Fiance ... eheheheh ... dad pun gelak je tengok Mr Fiance ... :) 

owh, and to add up the relief feelings, rupanya Tok Kadi tuh ayah kawan masa skolah ... wahhh !! what a small world ~ and he said that my  friend, Sharifah Khalizah [my classmate back in 1995/96, form 1 and 2], is married and awaiting for her second child to be born ... alahai ~ i still remember her, with her soft spoken and cute face , she's a very nice person ... [alamak, rindu pulak zaman skolah ..:P]  ... apapun, wish she could come to my wedding and meet up with all friends yg dah lama tak jumpa ... coz im intend to make a big reunion for all friends from SRTB, SRKBBB, SMBBB, SMTJB, SMTT, KMK, UTM .... and i hope to see all my long lost friend's during my wedding this May ...     

at the end of our meetings, dad said we will be having one more meeting with him in March, after everything's settled [with the saksi, the kursus kahwin cert, with the surat perakuan bujang, tandatangan saksi and stuffs ... etc], before we submit the borang [borang 2c] to PAID ... 

it was nice to meet you my soon-to-be Mr Tok Kadi, Ustaz Syed Othman Thani ... :)      

p/s: Mr Fiance, takut ag ke ?? hopefully he wont give u much trouble lah masa nikah yer ... hihihih :P
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