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Sunday, February 21, 2010

.emcees: person whom sees the whole as one.

nah !! siap sudah skrip MC for my reception nanti ... with few experiences of being friends wedding's emcee, i have done my own wedding emcee's script for my own reception ... yerp, i yang buat ... not the emcees themselves coz they do not know the flow of my reception and yeah, they dun have the experience like i do ... hiks! so yeah, ive emailed the script to them [cuzzy Hareez & cuzzy Farihah ... they gonna be my honored emcees of my big day !! wohooo .. love u guys lots !!] ...
six pages of emcee's script for my reception ... complete with pantun mantun segala ... pepandai la korang yer ... hihihihi ...  i wonder how is it gonna be looking at my own lil' bro & sis being the emcees for my big day ... terharu ? nope !! mesti kelakar .. hihihihi :P
reply from cuzzy Hareez and Farihah ... ahahahah ... funny ~
so yeah .. maybe they're not an experienced emcees or perhaps never being an emcee before BUT i trust them with all my heart and am sure they will do just fine .. or maybe more than what i expected ... :) kan ?? guys, i do have faithin u guys .. thats why u guys are the chosen ones among 60+ other cousins ... plus, u guys are closer to me ... *hugs* 

apapun, dun worry .. we will be having a rehearsal after the solemnization ceremony that evening ... and yeah, ill be coaching u guys if sempat okeyh ... [cheh ...!! mcm la hebat sangat ... poyo ~:P] ingat, suara dari perut , bukan dari tekak .... hihihih ... here's some tips for u guys ... cuba tengok ni ... :) gud luck & happy practicing cuzzies ! *hugs*

presenting .... my two emcees :)
cute tak ? wek ! 
[sila berperangai sopan ye nanti .. hihihihi

p/s: next will be approval from dad on his speech's script ... hiks ! am doing the speech ?? tak surprise langsung kan ?? ahahahah ... dah nangis awal2x sambil tulis script speech papa .. entah apa apa entah ... :P

pp/s: to all bride to be out there yang perlukan khdimat emcee for your big day [dewan or hotel], id be more than happy to be your emcee ... bayaran tak mahal, murah je ... *hiks*
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dialicious said...

wah bestnyee...i prepared script for my emcee jgk dulu..but for my dad takla..tu kene lahir dari hati dia ..haks

SaSsYAnGeL said...

hallo Mrs Diah ~ wahhh ! thanks for dropping by sweety ... yeah, sgt best prepare emcee's script for our own reception sambil verangan how our reception would be like and what is the flow arrangements sambil terbayang lagu lagu apa akan dimainkan, kan ?? heheheh ... biasala , pompuan kan mmg suka verangan ~ hiks! owh, my dad is too busy to write his own speech .. thats why i have to help him doing at least the draft for his speech and later, dia akan edit sendiri ... ehheheh ... lahir dr hati dia jugak nnt but ada tukang tolong bg guidance je .. hihihih :)

subject117 said...

sooo nice... i kahwin next week but mc script still tak buat lg... tak tahu nak buat camne, hehe...


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