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Friday, February 19, 2010

.Marriage is the union of A greater sum than two in love. Relatives are made by rites Relating in-laws to delights. In bringing families together.

browsing around for wedding thingey seems to get me more excited lately ... geezzz ... and to add up the jigs, ive found this !! a wedding badges ??!! never think about it before and i think who came up with this idea is one super genius .. too bad ive oredy bought Rosettes for families ... :( if not, ill definitely chose to have this wedding badges to replace the rosette ... aiyoyo ~ 
ah, so sweet ~
wedding cake badge ... comey !
mum, would u wear this ??
of all the badges i saw on the net, i love these ... simple je kan ?? and sweet too ~
easy to wear, simple, neat & sweet ~
owh dear, its too late now .... :(

owh, if u guys in need to custom made 'em wedding badges, Art Distributors can be one of ur solutions ... i know one of the sales person and cheap too ... 
[sebab i tempah button badges for my office campaign :P]

owh, they dun have any websites, but i have their catalog for u guys to start with ... :)
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Elly Anaille said...

owh thanks dear! you have been very helpful. i pun nak wedding badges. found a good one from wedding tree, but super expensive! :(

mail me: astronumb@yahoo.com

SaSsYAnGeL said...

hi .... ure most welcome dear ... wahh !! u nak wedding badges ?? best nyer ... super expensive tu braper dia charge ??? maybe depends how much u order kot ...

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

soo nice the badges, so simple je kan.. =)

SaSsYAnGeL said...

hey Huda ....
nice sgt sgt badges ni .... unfortunately i dah beli rosette ... kalau nak tempah badges ni, mesti membazir pulak ... :( yerp, simple and nice ... love 'em ~


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