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Monday, February 22, 2010

.Softness, silkiness. Looks through The thin crack of the curtains. Light Like a thin wedge. She sees him in.

at first, i was a lil. reluctant to change my bedroom's curtains for my wedding day ... reason? 
- orang tak pandang pun langsir ... orang akan lebih pandang katil and all the flowers arrangements .. kan ?? .. :P 
 - i find my ol' curtains still looks new .. so why waste ?? 
 - i dun wanna spent more just for the curtains .. boleh? [baik buat baju .. alalalal]
 - i dun feel like changing my curtains 
 - perlu ker ???
but after a loongggggg bebel session from mom about me not changing my curtains [didnt knew curtains are equal important too :P] , i just hafta agree with her ... [wutever la!] we went everywhere to search for the perfect curtains for my room ... biasalah, yours truly ni agak cerewet and "cheapy" ... dah pokai, mana nak cari curtains yg murah tapi cantik ??? :P so we end up doing our survey at the MINLON Seri Kembangan with a big SALES banner on the building's wall ... eheheh .. its CNY sales actually ... but, it wasnt much sales lah .. only few selected [kain yang dh nak abis, kain yg hodoh, kain yg tak cukup meter, kain tak laku ... etc] got sales ... the ones that i like was not much sales ... :(
i love the purple ones ... RM59 per meter ... mahal !
love this one too .. flowery purplish curtain ... RM89 per meter ... again, mahal !
kindda like the left one ... nice ... still, harga utk org kaya sahaja ... :P


so ... i ended up ....


having this for my wedding room ... :) 
cheap and nice and simple ... i just love it !

the grey-damask pattern is the inner curtains that i bought ready-made at IKANO with a very very very cheap price ... its a thin see-through silky satin, rm27 per pair if im not mistaken ... and i need 3 pairs ... so, murah kan ?? and the off-white-damask pattern i tempah at MINLON ... yerp , very very very cheap too !! rm19.90 per meter .. within my budget ... opppssss !! mum's budget ... :P since she was the one whom excitedly wanted a new curtains for my room, so she just had to agree to pay for 'em ... hiks ! :P 
 but yeah again, i still dont have any idea whats with the new curtains is all about ... i dun think people will look at my curtains pun kan ?? ... as i dun even bother about curtains whenever i go friends wedding ... :P

well, thanks mama for these lovely curtains ...
hope u like it too ... :)
laf u mama
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