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Monday, February 15, 2010

.We thought this book would make a great souvenir So if you have a wedding message, please write it in here Some words of wisdom, encouragement, or joke A poem, a drawing, an anecdote We'll look through it fondly in years to come So thanks for making this book a special one!.

Talking about guest book ... hurmmmm ....first thing that came across my mind was "how much does it cost ??" and "if it costs u hundreds, is it worth it??" and again, if i want a customized guestbook, how much more it will cost ?? another few hundreds ? yerp, im such a cheapy bride BUT i need to plan for my money expenditure and costs, so that i wont be spending more than what i should spend for my wedding .... *pitam* [brides, please plan ur wedding expenditure okeyh !! its a must !! nanti pening kepala ....do it in excel format so that u can always update and check balance payment u need to pay ... -like what im doing now-]

some guest book will be like this ... with nice white, lacey wrapped around the book ... with ribbons and heart shaped thingey ... with dazzling crystals studded around the cover etc ... and how much does 'em cost ?? ive browsed around and they cost u like rm89.90 ++ .. yes, almost hundreds .. and they're not even customized ... where can u put ur name and date on the book ?? is there any room for you to get it customized ? *nope* hantar kedai boleh la ... but again, it will cost you more ... kan ?

but mine will be all different ... a self-made DIY guest book ...  and CHEAP one too :P

firstly, browse around any background that suits ur weding theme or any color/designs that u fancy for your guest book ... as for mine, i chose a damask black and blue background which i dun remember where did i got it from ... and yeah, ive editted it a bit :P 
then select any photos of you two .. a romantic ones would be perfect or perhaps from ur pre-wedding photoshoots .. as for me, i just love our engagement's photos ... so, guna gambar tunang je la ... :) arrange 'em nicely and edit with photoshop ... [minus the white letters la yer .. hiihi..] then, send it to photo print shop for printing ... i chose an 8R size with laminated finishing, to make sure the picture wont damage during the book signing ...
as for the book, i purchased a normal black-plain scrap book from SOGO for only rm18.90 ... big plain book with 40 pages ... perfect ! then, i bought a butterfly shaped and diagonal shape kerawang thingey at one of the card-printing and souvenirs shop at IKANO  ... just to add up the classic effect for the my guest book ...so this is what i came up with for the cover .... nice tak ? *i love!*

since the pages inside are too plain, i kept on buggin' Mr Fiance about purchasing kerawang stickers to paste on each page ... errrrr... !! banyak okeyh ... and yeah, i wont buy something expensive just for that ... :P [yes, am a cheapy bride-to-be ... :P] so, mana nak cari CHEAP kerawang stickers for my guest book ?? to count, i need 160 stickers !! *sigh* and one day, my genius Mr Fiance came to my house and gave me something that ive never thought of ... its a kerawang-kerawang thingey templates with a set of magic pen !!! soooo cuteee ~ :P [nak nangis pun ada ... terharu ...i know u will come in handy ...] such a brilliant idea ... and CHEAP too !! eheeheheh ...
so heres what i came up with for every page of my guest book ... pretty neat huh ??? *love it !*
 so there you go , my wedding guest book ~
do you like it ??
*thanks & i love u Mr Fiance*
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Cik Belle said...

hee. nice one!

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

love ur guestbook! soo custom made.. and yes if you bought ready made soo damn expensive..

i wanna diy mine too.. last week i learned the kettle stich binding where u can just buy any paper u want then stich em using needle and thread, easy jugak, but yet to learn coptic binding cos that one i fancy more than kettle..


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