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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

.Away from you I’m like a ballerina rotating alone Locked in her velvet music box Dancing to the moonlight tune Away from you I sit here in silence, Just thinking of you.

this entry is not for myself ... this entry is specially posted for a sweet colleague of mine whom is now preparing for her wedding .. yeah, mcm saya jugak ... :) but she just started and for now, all she did is asking and survey around about the best options she can get within her own wedding budget ... and while talking to her, she said she wanted to wear a low-heels or perhaps a pair of pumps/ballerinas on her wedding day ... ahhhh .. so cute kan ?? so, ive came out with some ideas for her and here're few pumps/ballerinas ive found in the net ... yerp, these are the cutest i can found so far ~ (",)
lacy pumps .... nice !
beaded with organzza ribbon ballerinas ... swet ~
stones studded ~
how about some ruffles ?? aint it cute ? :)
simplicity ... but really nice indeed ~
i saw this design somewhere ... hurmmm .. Charles&Keith ?? :)
yerp ... Charles&Keith got the similar design ... 
my personal fav would be this butterfly stones studded pumps ... ahhh  so gorgeous ... kan? sesuai sangat utk wedding ... *smile*
and if u want a lil' bit heels, u can have something like this ... 
yerp .. maybe an inch heels will do for u ... :)

so, there u go ... my ideas for ur wedding ballerinas/pumps ... 
hope u will get what u want for ur wedding shoe deary ~
good luck ~!!
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jacky hussein said...

seriously i wish or i should wear ballerina on my wedding.. coz having a wedding in garden doesn't gel with heels. :P Lucky mine wasn't that high but urgg, i wish i cud turn back time.. hehe. Good luck for your preparation :)

SaSsYAnGeL said...

hai Jack ... saw ur wedding pixies in friends FB and your wedding blog ... what a pretty wedding reception ... love the theme colour lah ... your dress pun sweet je .. Tiffany is IN now kan ? yeah, garden wedding ni depends lah ... kalau garden tuh byk pavement, ok lah if ure wearing heels .. if byk tanah n rumput, tenggelem la jawabnyer ur heels .. especially if after hujan .. aiyoyo ... !! rosak kasut ...

thanks Jack ... i have two months to go ~ weehooo ...

p/s: syok nyer tgk gambar u honeymoon ~ hope u had a blast ! :)


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